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Welcome to the INNSpub research tutorial’ page. These online tutorial reviews will help you to gain core concepts on innovative research and presentation as well as the research conduct, Research paper writing and academic publication process through some of the steps involved in research, presentation and publication.

This tutorial guides you to improve your ability to research setup carried research and write better research papers with our collection of interactive tutorials. Each module has an introduction and steps to follow to master the elements of research.

  • This research tutorial review tropic will guide you through all of the following important elements:
    Part- 1: [Introduction to Research]
  • Introduction to Research
  • About Scientific Research
  • Types of Scientific Research
  • Research Topic Selection
  • Hypotheses Testing
  • Standards of a Quality Research
  • How to Setup a Research

Part- 2: [Thesis Preparation]

Dissertation/thesis Preparation
I. Introduction to Dissertation

  • Doctoral Dissertation
  • Postgraduate Thesis
  • Project/term paper
  • Research Proposal
  • Thesis statement

II. Different sections of a Dissertation

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results/case study
  • Discussion
  • Literature Review
  • References style
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography

III. How to Write a Thesis paper

Part- 3: [Paper Presentation]

  • Article/paper Presentation
  • Assessment Criteria of a Journal Articles
  • Common Mistakes in a Manuscript
  • Ethical Issue in Research
  • Tips for Paper Writing
  • Wright ways in Writing a Manuscript

Part- 4: [Publication Process]

  1. Publication Process
  2. About Academic journals
  3. Journal Model of Academic journals
  4. Manuscript Preparation for publishing
  5. Find Reputed Academic journals
  6. Evaluation of journals to publish an article
  7. Journal editors’ standards
  8. Manuscript submission methods
  9. Cover letter sample for paper publish
  10. Comment management after manuscript review
  11. Article status findings
  12. How to publish your article in reputed journals

Part- 5: [Promote Research work]

  • Promote Research paper
  • Make worthwhile your research work
  • Promoting your research work through different ways
  • Promoting domain/field of your research work
  • Promoting your research work through Off-Page SEO

Part- 6: [Review elements of guideline to a reviewer]

  • Review elements of guideline to a reviewer
  • A Critique or Review of a Research Article
  • Evaluation criteria of a journal article (A guideline to a fresh reviewer)
  • A reviewer responsibilities with scholarly journals
  • Be careful while Reviewing a Manuscript
  • Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers
  • Good and bad review
  • Road to peer review
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